Di's Pies

Meet Di

Lover of All Things Pie

Di's Pies is a Washougal, Washington, based pie start-up, offering

made-to-order large and tiny pies for private order, events, and wholesale.


A “Taste” of My Story

My name is Diana (Di) Moore. I grew up in the Midwest where I learned to bake at a young age. Whenever there was a call for something tasty and homemade, my mom, my sisters, and I were happy to volunteer. Years later, after adventures in Seattle, Olympia, the classroom, public policy, and parenting, I found myself in my kitchen in Washougal, Wa baking a blackberry pie for my husband and his coworkers. Not long after I received an unexpected request: "Can I order a pie from you?" 

Thus began Di's Pies. 

In the past two years, I have discovered my absolute delight in combining the best ingredients, picking my own fruits, combining flavors, exploring recipes, and developing a tried and true product that guarantees to take my customers' breath away.


My Midwest roots infuse each and every pie's flaky crust, perfectly balanced flavor, and delicate design. Our goal at Di's Pies is to deliver pie that takes you back to your roots - wherever they may be - and introduce you to flavors you never knew existed.  

Whether it's your wedding, your dessert menu, your birthday, or just a hankering for really good pie - let Di's Pies deliver the best damn pie you've ever had.

When I'm not busy in the kitchen, you can find me chasing my two small boys, reading a good book, or exploring the amazing Portland area food-scape with my husband.